Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL.Today recognises the skills and knowledge you already hold by rewarding your hard work and experience with the first aid qualification you deserve. The experienced assessors at RPL.Today do this by reviewing your skills and knowledge along with any relevant experience and past study that you have completed and mapping them across to a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

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Advanced Life Support

Our Advanced Life Support (ALS) training course is recognised for continuing professional development by many colleges and organisations, including RACGP, ANZCA, CICM, ACRRM, ACN, ACEM & RACP.

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Learn From the Best

“With the right training, people can do more than tick boxes – they can help when it really matters. They can save lives. We don’t simply prepare people to respond to emergencies; we can also teach them how to assess risks and help prevent injuries.” 

Peter Mckie – CEO & Founder

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Advanced Life Support Training

Often we tend to look past the responders that always show up when needed. The firefighters, paramedics and police officers who, in reality, are specially trained in the art of advanced life support. At Parasol we are an ALS training center and are widely recognised as a continuing education program accepted by many different institutions.

Business Safety Training

The workplace can be a dangerous place. Many dangers lurk just around the corner and it doesn’t matter whether you work in an office or a construction site, the dangers are real. At Parasol, we offer the finest workplace safety training in Australia. We have convenient offices throughout the entire country and are able to

Be Prepared

Last time we discussed vehicle preparedness and the importance of keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition. We looked briefly at an emergency preparedness kit for either your company or personal vehicle. The key to emergency preparedness is to look forward at potential negative situations and evaluate what is required to turn it positive.

Vehicle Preparedness

Previously, we have discussed taking care of your fleet and a few small things that can make a big difference in your vehicle fleet. Making your work vehicles last longer is not only better for your bottom line, but a car or truck that functions properly is the safest. Parasol is proud to be the

Workplace Positivity

We previously discussed workplace mental health and well-being. This is an incredibly important part of running a business that has recently gained traction with larger companies. It used to be that a positive workplace was a surf shop playing reggae music but the attitudes have changed in business and now a more relaxed environment is

Workplace Wellbeing

There is a lot of talk in the media these days about mental health. There was a time, not particularly long ago, when the subject of mental health was incredibly taboo. A shift in public thinking has brought about a new type of attitude in the workplace, one that considers mental health. At Parasol, Australia’s

Fleet Safety

Previously we had a conversation concerning the transportation industry in Australia, the lifeblood of the country and an integral part of the economy. It is difficult to think about what the country would be like without it. At Parasol we believe that serving the safety training and first aid supply needs of Australia’s industrial segment,

At Parasol, We Serve The Industries of Australia

The construction industry in Australia is booming and the increase in activity is a boon for the transportation sector. Materials, either imported or homegrown, are moved from place to place. At Parasol safety training and supply, we are the countries finest safety training contractor for the transportation, mining, oil and gas and construction industries. Our

Safety Training in the Oil and Gas Industry

Few things elicit an emotional response like an oil rig. It can be a symbol of progress for some and a symbol of the controversial energy industry. One thing is certain, however, when driving through the night and an oil rig appears on the horizon, it is impossible to not feel somewhat impressed. The lights

Specialized Confined Space Safety Training

It is fairly common in the construction industry to encounter an exceptional number of hazards every day. The nature of the work is fraught with danger from the beginning to the very end. To be a construction worker is to have a different sort of grit, a feeling of pride deep in your soul that


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