Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL.Today recognises the skills and knowledge you already hold by rewarding your hard work and experience with the first aid qualification you deserve. The experienced assessors at RPL.Today do this by reviewing your skills and knowledge along with any relevant experience and past study that you have completed and mapping them across to a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

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Advanced Life Support

Our Advanced Life Support (ALS) training course is recognised for continuing professional development by many colleges and organisations, including RACGP, ANZCA, CICM, ACRRM, ACN, ACEM & RACP.

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“With the right training, people can do more than tick boxes – they can help when it really matters. They can save lives. We don’t simply prepare people to respond to emergencies; we can also teach them how to assess risks and help prevent injuries.” 

Peter Mckie – CEO & Founder

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When To Call An Ambulance

If someone has a medical problem during work, it can be difficult to assess whether the situation warrants calling for medical attention, if you can simply take them to the hospital yourself, or if the issue can be treated with some basic first aid. When you take one of our first aid courses from PARASOL,

Fire Safety Statistics

It is imperative that you prioritize fire safety training for your organisation. Besides the obvious fact that a fire is life-threatening to your employees, you may not realise that in the event of a fire, most people are woefully ill-prepared. The majority of people don’t know how to behave in an emergency situation involving fire,

Advantages of Group First Aid Classes

If you want your employees trained on first aid, you may be tempted to tell them to figure it out for themselves as individuals. However, there are distinct advantages to instead hiring PARASOL to provide group training to your employees. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider bringing us in for group

Benefits of Fire Safety Training For Your Business

When you own a business, you are responsible for the well-being of your employees. That is why it is essential that you properly prepare them for the event of an emergency. When fire strikes, it can be completely devastating to a business. The devastation can be worse when employees aren’t aware of how to act

Stocking Your First Aid Kit

In the event of an emergency, you want to be sure that your first aid kit is well-stocked and ready to go. However, your first aid kit may not be something you think much of until it is too late. Taking the time to properly stock your first aid kit is worth it, because you

4 Reasons To Learn First Aid

PARASOL is Australia’s leading provider of first aid training. With our professional instructors, many resources, and use of the latest technology and techniques, you can rest assured that our first aid training will adequately prepare you for an emergency situation. So why exactly should you learn first aid? Accidents happen unexpectedly We all know that


A Sydney car auctioneer has been fined more than $250,000 after a forklift operator was killed while unloading a truck at Milperra in 2013. The incident occurred when a 36 year old forklift operator and a 19 year old labourer attempted to move a cabinet from a truck onto a forklift at Pickles Auctions’ Milperra

Active First Aid Page Updated – Legal issues in first aid

The second section of the Active First Aid has been brought on-line this morning. Legal issues in first aid form the chapter “General Principles and Practice” is now available for viewing by following the link below: Legal issues in first aid

Active First Aid Page Updated – Principles of first aid

We are PARASOL believe having the latest information on first aid, and because of this, we will be updating our on-line production of Active First Aid. The first set of pages to be given a refresh is the section on Principles of first aid, which is from the chapter “General Principles and Practice”. We will

2016 Advanced Life Support Courses

Advanced Life Support Courses August 2016 New courses dates & availability added for Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Sydney and Melbourne! ARC Approved Course Centre We have been granted approval as a Course Centre by Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) to deliver Advanced Life Support (ALS) Level 1 & Level 2 courses. <br />Learn More Quality Faculty Our


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