We are very pleased you have chosen us to provide your training and assessment. Please ensure you have read and understand all the enrolment policies PRIOR to attending your course. The Participants Handbook may be found HERE, and is to be read in conjunction with related policies and procedures available to you on this website.

  • A safe and positive learning environment where you are valued irrespective of your gender, race, sexual preference, political affiliation, marital status, disability or religious beliefs
  • Educational support services that address your individual learning needs and meet adult learning principles
  • Easy access to timely and accurate information about our and your obligations to legislation and regulations, which our standard policies and procedures clarify these are available on our website or via email on request
  • Access to clear information about course requirements and the opportunities for Recognition for Prior Learning
  • Quality training delivered flexibly to cater for your learning needs
  • Fair, objective, helpful consultation and prompt feedback on your learning and assessment
  • Prompt and considerate resolution of your concerns, appeals and complaints using a process that is easily accessible, fair and transparent
  • Adequate, well designed, functional, clean and safe facilities that consider your learning needs
  • Respect for the privacy and confidentiality of your dealings with us
  • Evidence of your learning and assessment through the appropriate award of certification documentation relevant to the course undertaken and the guidelines of issue

Privacy Policy


This policy describes how PARASOL will protect the privacy and confidentiality of information relating to its clients.

Policy Statement

Personal information concerning clients is confidential and will only be used for the purpose for which the information is relevant or for which it was gathered.

In exceptional circumstances, personal information may be used for purposes other than what is was collected; these specifically being.

With the consent of the person concerned, To prevent a serious threat to a person's health or life, As required or authorised by law or where reasonably necessary for the enforcement of criminal or revenue law

Clients have access to perosnal informatoin relating to them which is held by PARASOL EMT Pty Ltd. By contacting PARASOL, a client may also make corrections and additions to personal infromation to ensure the information is accurate, up to date and complete.

Unless by prior arrangement between PARASOL and a client, when a third party, requests information about a client, the client's permission will be sought prior to any such information being provided.

Responsibility of Employer

PARASOL will safeguard personal information in accordance with this policy. Responsibility of Employee

Responsibility of Employee

All employees are require to comply with this policy. Action if policy is Breeched

Under Federal Legislation, penalties apply.

Enrollment Policies

Information Provision

PARASOL ensures that all information supplied to prospective participants is accurate, relevant and up-to-date. This information includes enrolment procedures, fees and refunds, consumer rights, access and equity principles, complaints and appeals procedures, expected course outcomes and arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and credit transfer. You can contact us for any information with respect to your rights and obligations before you enrol, while you are undertaking a course or after the completion of 2 course.

Please refer to the information on our website or contact us for any information that you may require to ensure that you make an informed decision about your training and assessment needs.

PARASOL’s marketing is accurate, ethical and responsible, and a true reflection of our services and your outcomes. We will ensure that all our participants are provided with information that is factual and relates to PARASOL products and services. We will not mislead or make inappropriate promises related to the training and assessment services offered.

Access and Equity

PARASOL management and customer service staff provide educational support services to all participants to assist them to identify and achieve their desired outcomes. PARASOL is committed to providing training and assessment services to all participants regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, socio-economic status or disability and applies the principles of equal opportunity to its activities.

PARASOL is committed to ensuring an equitable learning environment for all people, including your own workplace. Our commitment to equity is not simply because it is good business sense, but also because the fundamental principles upon which PARASOL functions are freedom, fairness and the fulfilment of our potential as individuals. Please refer to the Access and Equity policy on our website.

Training and Assessment

PARASOL staff and management are committed to providing a learning environment that is conducive to a participant’s success. We focus on using the most appropriate methods and resource materials to the learning and assessment needs of the participants and abide by the Adult Learning Principles.

Additional Support

To enhance the participant’s ability to achieve their desired outcome, we can provide additional learning support either directly or through arrangements with a third party.

Please contact us as early as possible to ensure that the appropriate support can be identified and provided to assist you in completing your course.

We do offer an LLN assessment under certain circumstances which will then be clearly addressed by an assessor and reasonable adjustments made to the delivery and assessment of the course materials to suit the requirements of the student. Please refer to the **TBA of new title.* policies on our website.

Assurance of Training

PARASOL will do all that we can to ensure that wherever possible training will be delivered on the stated day/date unless there are unforeseen circumstances. If the training course needs to be cancelled due to our operational needs a full refund will be offered or alternative training dates offered to participants.

Training Environment

PARASOL will conduct its training in such a manner as to provide for the care and protection of participants, staff and visitors. We provide all the necessary safety equipment, resources and systems, including consultative mechanisms and training programmes where required, to ensure all employees are aware of safe work practices and to provide them with the appropriate skills to observe those practices. We are also committed to the care, wellbeing and protection of children, young and vulnerable people, and we operate within the various legislation related to each jurisdiction. Please refer to the Safety & Risk Management and the Environment or the Working with Children, Young and Vulnerable People policies on our website

Entry requirements

PARASOL will ensure that participants are informed in advance of any prerequisites or entry conditions required to be met before their chosen training is undertaken, and if necessary, what materials and equipment they need to provide to complete the training and assessment.

Effective Assessments PARASOL ensures all assessments conducted meet the Principles of Assessment and Rules of Evidence and are reliable, flexible, fair and valid as required under the RTO Standards of 2015. The process is focused on ensuring that all the knowledge and performance requirements for the unit are achieved. Reasonable adjustments will be made to the process so that individuals are not disadvantaged. However, assessment modifications must not compromise the competence requirements as per the Training Package outlines.
Every participant has the right to appeal against an assessment decision and appeals to be lodged within 28 days of the initial assessment. Please refer to the Complaints and Appeals policy on our website

Recognition of VET and AQF certification PARASOL recognises, accepts and will credit previous training evidence of a VET authenticated transcript issued by another RTO or AQF authorised issuing organisation. Original documents to be sighted or certified copies supplied.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL is available to you when you register for training with PARASOL. Procedures and fees vary per the qualifications or units of competency you wish to apply for. RPL processing is systematic and utilises the principles of assessment and rules of evidence as per the RTO Standards of 2015. RPL will be granted where sufficient evidence of competence and/or demonstrated experience and capability for an entire unit of competency is provided to meet the requirements of the relevant training package or accredited course. The PARASOL RPL process requires the applicant to complete a full RPL kit and supply appropriate explained documentation, evidence and knowledge/skills demonstration within the kit. Third Party Reports may also be requested in some of the qualifications for additional evidence. An applicant who is dissatisfied with the results of the RPL process may appeal against the decision within 28 days of the initial assessment. Please refer to the Mutual Recognition policy on our website.

Complaints and Appeals

PARASOL respects the rights of its Clients to have their complaints and appeals to be resolved in a manner that is impartial, just and responsive. This policy is based on the principles of fairness, accessibility, responsiveness and efficiency. The process relates to both the commercial and RTO aspects of PARASOL, in particular the appeals and reassessment process is an integral part of all training and assessment pathways, leading to the issue of AQF certification documentation.

All complaints must be notify in writing to the Chief Operating Officer of PARASOL, using one of the following methods:
• E-mail to: parasol@parasol.edu.au
• Mail to: PARASOL, Unit 17 Molonglo Mall, Fyshwick ACT 2609
• Fax to: 1800 000 666

The complaints and appeals processes are available to and can be lodged by any Client in relation to the quality of products and services and operational systems including legislative and regulatory compliance of practices and personnel. This includes compliance with the VET Quality Framework which includes complaints about the RTO, trainers, assessors, staff, third parties and other learners as well as appeals against assessment decisions.

Complaints and appeals will be resolved through a process that is consistent, systematic, open and objective. All complaints and appeals will be handled with a positive attitude and without assigning blame to any party. Access to the necessary support will be provided to ensure that the Complainant/Appellant progresses through an open, objective, fair and equitable method, leading to an outcome that satisfies both parties. Where possible all non-formal attempts shall be made to resolve complaints and appeals. This may include advice, discussions and general mediation in relation to the issues. Any staff can be involved in this informal process, but once a complaint or appeal is formalised the applicable procedure must be followed.

General enquiries related to client requests or progress will be dealt with as they arise and are not subject to the related procedure.
Anonymous complaints will be collected and reviewed, and the Complainant will be advised that the applicable procedure cannot fully be undertaken without the identity of the Complainant.

All complaints and appeals will be addressed and resolved within sixty (60) days, and complainants/appellants will be notified of any reasons for resolution delay beyond this time.

In the instance of resolution to the complaint/appeal has not been achieved, there is a provision for review by a third party.
Formal complaints and appeals will be recorded in the Enquiry Register. All records related to complaints/appeals will be collected, stored and maintained and are subject to strict confidentiality conditions as per the Information Privacy Act 2008 (Cth)
The outcomes of the Complaints/Appeals process will be utilised to analyse trends so to provide a basis to identify and eliminate complaint/appellant triggers, highlight service failings so they can be acted upon to improve operations and client interaction.
If a complaint or appeal is considered to be abusive, trivial or vexatious the Complainant/Appellant will be advised in writing, and no further action will take place. The decision will be at the discretion of the Chief Operating Officer or delegate.

AQF Certifications

PARASOL will ensure that AQF certification documentation (provided all fees are paid) is issued to participants in accordance with the relevant regulatory RTO standards and within 30 days of the course being completed. Records of certification documentation are accessible to past and current participants

Other courses and training

PARASOL confirms that a Certificate of Attendance is issued within the required timeframe for other courses and training meeting specific jurisdiction requirements. Please note that some courses may have mandatory requirements for attendance and completion within a stipulated timeframe. Your course information factsheet will provide those conditions related that that course. Please refer to the Issuing of Certificates policy on our website.

Cancellation and Fee Refunds

PARASOL’s refund policy is available to all clients and learners. If PARASOL cancels a training course, clients/learners are entitled to a full refund or transfer of fees to a future training course.
When a client/learner who has enrolled and paid for training decides not to attend the course for any reason, they must notify their withdrawal from the training in writing to PARASOL, using one of the following methods:

• E-mail to: parasol@parasol.edu.au
• Mail to: PARASOL, Unit 17 Molonglo Mall, Fyshwick ACT 2609
• Fax to: 1800 000 666

Should a cancellation be advised more than 10 working days prior to the course, an 80% refund is then applicable. Substitutions or transfers can be made without penalty.
Should a cancellation be advised between 5 – 10 working days prior to the course, a 50% refund is then applicable. Substitutions or transfers can be made without penalty.
Should a cancellation be advised less than 5 working days prior to the course, no refund will be given. Substitutions or transfers can be made without penalty.

PARASOL applies a non-refundable deposit of 20% to all course fees.

If a client/learner withdraws after commencement of a course and they have commenced training, no refund is applicable should he or she leave before completion of the training.

In the case of mitigating circumstances in the form of a medical certificate or evidence of extreme personal hardship is demonstrated fees may be refunded on a pro-rata basis. Should a client/learner wish to finalise incomplete studies in a future training course, the original fee can be used as a credit within six months of initial payment.

Quality Control and Continual Improvement

PARASOL aims to continuously improve all areas of its operations, including customer service, training and assessment materials and delivery and professional development of staff.

PARASOL regularly seeks feedback from participants about their experience and satisfaction of our products and services. This information is gathered either electronically upon completion of your training and assessment or through a feedback form on the day of your training. The content is analysed, collated and reported on as per our obligations under the RTO Standards of 2015. Our management systems and applications undergo audit and certification by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Association); 1509001, and by other regulated bodies for whom we deliver training.

Privacy and Confidentiality

PARASOL is committed to protecting the privacy of participant’s accordance with the Privacy Act (1988) we adhere to Australian Privacy Principles. This means that all personal Information collected, stored, used and disclosed in the provision of all services and products is managed in a manner that protects your interests. Your information is not disclosed to a third party for direct marketing purposes, but it may be shared with Australian state and government authorities in accordance with the ASQA regulations.

As part of its continuous improvement process, PARASOL will maintain an internal audit program to ensure its standard policies remain appropriate and that PARASOL operates in compliance with those principles and policies. Please refer to the Participant Privacy and Continuous Improvement policy on our website.

Keeping Record

PARASOL maintains complete and accurate record keeping procedures of participant’s attendances, progress, and payments made. We adhere strictly to the provisions of the Privacy Act and the Information Policy Act. Participants have access to their records. Contact us for information about how you can access your records.

Financial Standards

PARASOL has policies and management internal review strategies in place to comply with the Financial Viability Risk Assessment Requirements (effective under the RTO Standards April 1, 2015) to demonstrate financially viability.

Legislative Compliance

PARASOL management and staff conducts periodic review to ensure that it is compliant with all State and Federal Legislative requirements for RTO’s, including but not limited to Work Health and Safety, Harassment, Discrimination, Equal Opportunity and Vocational Education and Training Legislation.

Contact Information

Please contact us if there is a change to your personal information so that we are assured that any course related information and certification reach you in a timely manner.

Enrolment matters & course information enquiries about your training should be forwarded to:
Unit 17 Molonglo Mall
Phone: 1300 366 818
Fax: 1800 000 666
Email: parasol@parasol.edu.au
Web: www.parasol.edu.au